Arabic Name Tattoos

Essential information for getting the right Arabic translation of your name for tattoos or other purposes

Ibrahimovic's Arabic Tattoo

Ibrahimovic got his own name as an Arabic tattoo

If you are planning to get an Arabic tattoo of your name or you simply wish to find out what your name looks like in Arabic, please make sure to follow these crucial tips on Arabic name translations.

1. Arabic letters are different
Many people seem to have trouble of telling the Arabic letters apart when they first encounter the language. In fact, many letters have similar shapes, the only difference being the number and location of dots and lines above and below the characters. A mistake here could change the meaning of the tattoo to something ridiculous or offensive.

2. Short vowels turn into long vowels
Short vowel sounds in the Arabic language are generally omitted in writing. The short “e” in “get” would not be written, resulting in “gt”. However, when translating Western names for tattoos, the short vowel sounds often need to be turned into long vowels that are part of the Arabic alphabet. This is done so that it is easier to recognize the words as names. As an example, the name “Angela” would be written like this in Arabic:


This is pronounced “anjeelaa”.

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